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The very best in Cuban Art.

Recommended Readings on Cuban Art

Mariano Rodriguez

Catalogo Razonado

329 pages full color

Hard Cover

Victor Manuel

223 pages full color

Hard Cover

Amelia Pelaez


157 pages full color

Hard Cover


206 pages full color

Hard Cover


A History in Art

Full Color

Hard Cover

Art of Cuba in Exile

Jose Gomez Sicre

1987 Hard Cover

Pintores Cubanos

255 pages

Hard Cover


Latin American Art

352 pages

Full Cover

Mario Carreno

Exposicion Retrospectiva 1939 - 1993

64 pages full cover


Artes Visuales Cubanas del siglo XX

576 pages full color

Rafael Soriano

A Sixty Year Retrospective

110 pages full color

The Latin American Collection of The Museum of Modern Art

110 pages


Antonio Vidal

El Silencio Elocuente

42 pages full color

Todo Sobre Portocarrero

326 pages full color

Roberto Fabelo

277 pages full color

Carlos Enrique

The Painter of
Cuban Ballads

by Juan A. Martinez


Color De Cuba

 149 pages full coolor

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The very best in Cuban Art.

Cuban art is a very diverse cultural blend of African, European and North American design reflecting the diverse demographic of the island.

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