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Alfredo Sosabravo

The artistic history of Alfredo Sosa Bravo (aka "Sosabravo") was born when twenty fascinated in front of the artistic works of another great Cuban plastic artist: his countryman Wifredo Lam. His first artistic phase, between 1950 and 1966 moves in experimenting with different techniques of painting and drawing. The works in oil on canvas or cardboard reveal his deep research and detail detail that permeates his work.


At the turn of the fifties and sixties discovers, learns and perfects, becoming Master, the woodcut and subsequently tried, with success in the art of lithography that turning its activities and research works of great artistic value. The work of engraving and drawing will not be by the Master never completely abandoned.


In 1965 he also began to learn about and experience the art of ceramics that are passionate and that will take him to Italy Albisola, far from his native Cuba to perfect his pottery and can become Master.


In 1966 a new phase of growth and artistic experimentation in his work through the use of linen fabric or paper shredded and then reassembled and met with countless stitches that make the work of art is particularly rich in novelty and charm .


His exuberant artistic creation is still rein on terracotta naked and brightly colored with the creation of the famous "mural" of Sosabravo.



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